How can engaging in a creative workshop improve one’s well-being?

A person choosing beads from a selection of beads

In 2021, around 16% of adults living in the United Kingdom experienced symptoms of depression. It is worth mentioning that women and younger demographics showed a greater vulnerability to a range of depressive symptoms, including anxiety, stress, and persistent sadness. 

In today's fast-paced world, people are constantly juggling the demands of work and education, trying to keep up with the never-ending pace of life. In our hectic lives, it's impossible to avoid the toll that our physical or mental well-being takes.


A hand selecting beads
Participant's hands selecting beads

The increasing need for a boost in well-being has led to a surge of interest in different solutions, and one that has gained considerable attention is engaging in art. Neuroscience research has revealed the multitude of advantages that art like jewellery making can bring to improve one's overall well-being. Here's a glimpse into some of the many benefits that art can provide:


Table full of beading accessories and fizzy drink
Table full of beading accessories and a glass of drink
1. Self-expression

Unleashing your creativity doesn't require years of artistic experience. Just dive in and get started! Indulging in creative endeavours like painting, sculpting, or crafting jewellery can help you connect with your inner self, enhance your senses, and enable you to convey your thoughts through artistic expression. This process not only results in the creation of one-of-a-kind remarkable pieces, but it also promotes a sense of tranquillity and embracing oneself.

2. Relief stress/Quiet the mind
Immersing oneself in art can be an effective tool for alleviating stress and calming the mind. Creating art like beading requires your full attention to the craft and allows you to block out the noise of your busy life. This can have a calming effect on the mind, allowing for a peaceful and relaxing experience. So, the next time you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, why not come rewind with us at our workshop? It could be the perfect mental break you're looking for.

3. Enjoy the process: release of serotonin

Engaging in a creative process can stimulate the release of serotonin, a chemical linked to feelings of happiness and well-being. As you delve into your creative pursuits, your mind releases this "feel-good" chemical. Art becomes more than just a hobby; it becomes a therapeutic experience that leaves you feeling fulfilled and content.

Participant taking pictures of other jewellery workshop session
Participant taking pictures of jewellery workshop session

4. Improved physical mobilities

Participating in art can increase physical mobility by increasing movement and dexterity. The varied physical movements required for beading or painting with brushstrokes may help with flexibility, coordination, and mobility in general. Making art also has the potential to be a kind of light exercise that helps with muscle development and stretching, especially for older adults. As a whole, including art in your everyday life has the potential to boost your physical health.

5. Increased sense of belonging

The creative process can be enjoyed in so many ways, and one of them is through collaborative settings like workshops. Engaging in a creative workshop offers a wonderful opportunity to personally experience the beauty of art, all while cultivating a feeling of friendship and connection with fellow participants. Workshops like ours offer a nurturing and collaborative environment where people can unleash their creativity, acquire new abilities, and have meaningful exchanges with other attendees. The exchange of ideas can lead to improved emotional and mental well-being through social interaction and the exploration of creativity.

Occasionally, it can escape our consciousness that we could benefit from taking a short break. When life becomes overwhelming, it's important to take a moment to relax and recharge. One way to do this is by immersing yourself in the world of creativity. Duende Lab offers a variety of creative workshops, including our popular jewellery making workshop.

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