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90s Inspired Jewellery Making Workshop

90s Inspired Jewellery Making Workshop

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90s-inspired Jewellery Making Workshop

Our absolute bestseller: 90s Inspired Jewellery Making workshop at Battersea Power Station. Open for bookings 7-days a week, Monday-Sunday.

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Experience the joy of creating art and craft alongside other enthusiasts in this public session with a nostalgic 90s twist. Get ready to interact with amazing people and gain valuable insights. By attending this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to create a unique and exquisite jewellery box. This gorgeous creation can serve as a special place to store your precious jewels or be a thoughtful gift for someone dear to you. Join our vibrant community and let's make this an unforgettable session!

* To complement and fuel your creativity, all drinks and nibbles are available upon request.

90s Inspired Jewellery Making Workshop

Join Duende Lab for one of the best creative workshop experiences in London: the 90s-inspired jewellery-making workshop at Battersea Power Station! Our jewellery-making workshop welcomes all ages and levels of experience in DIY crafts, and open for bookings 7 days a week, Mon-Sun, from 12pm-8pm.

Each workshop lasts 2 hours and is hosted by our experienced jewellery designers with a background in styling and fashion, who will provide you with all the essentials and will show a step by step process of creating unique, beautiful, and ready to wear jewellery pieces. You'll work with sustainable high-quality materials such as gemstones and pearls as well as uniquely designed beads and charms that we use in our jewellery-making process. Plus, expect to hear some top-kept jewellery-making secrets and helpful tips that are hardly shared online!

This public 90s-inspired jewellery-making workshop is a great opportunity to connect with other jewellery enthusiasts, share ideas, and make new friends. By the end of a masterclass, you'll have created a unique piece of DIY jewellery that you'll be proud to wear or give as a handmade gift. This is a transformative experience that you don't want to miss. So come join our community, and let's create something beautiful together!

Jewellery-Making Workshop includes:
* Minimum 2 hours to let your creativity flow!
* Full access to the Duende Lab's curated collection of beads and gemstones to create up to 2 pieces of any type of designs you can think of!
* Ideas and instructions from the creative designer of Duende Lab's jewellery products.
* 90s inspired music - this is the main theme of our brand;)
* All the supplies you need to create a durable and stylish-looking jewellery piece 
* Drinks and nibbles upon request

Time: every day, Monday to Sunday, 2 hours class, 12pm - 8pm
Group size: up to 10 people (public classes)
Price: £50 per person