Our Team

Christina - Founder

Meet Christina, the creative founder behind Duende Lab's vibrant mix of sustainability, fashion, mental health, and 90s nostalgia! With our online store stocked with eco-chic finds and workshops that are more about vibing to 90s tunes than building Legos, Christina ensures we're always breaking the mold. When she's not grooving to 90s beats, she's leading us towards a retro-fabulous future!

Marina - Head of Operations

Meet Marina, the operations wizard at Duende Lab, infusing a
retro twist into every aspect of our efficiency. With a knack for blending old-school charm into modern workflows, Marina keeps our operations running smoother than a vinyl record on a turntable. From coordinating workshops with a nostalgic touch to ensuring our online store channels 90s vibes, Marina adds a unique flair to our team. With her retro-inspired approach, she's the secret ingredient that keeps our operations grooving to the beat of success!

Charlotte - PR Specialist

Meet Charlotte, our PR guru at Duende Lab! With a knack for storytelling and a talent for building brand visibility, Charlotte drives our public relations efforts. From securing media coverage to fostering strategic partnerships, she ensures Duende Lab's voice is heard loud and clear. Charlotte's creativity and dedication are instrumental in shaping our brand's reputation and reaching audiences far and wide.


Bob - Marketing Operations Specialist

Introducing Bob, our marketing mastermind! With a sharp eye for analytics and a creative spark, Bob crafts campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results. When not optimising strategies, Bob enjoys exploring tech trends, shooting hoops, and savouring a good cup of coffee. With Bob leading the way, our marketing is set for success and innovation.