Duende Lab brought the 90s vibes to TK Maxx 30th anniversary celebration

Duende Lab brought the 90s vibes to TK Maxx 30th anniversary celebration

Duende Lab's experience at TK Maxx's 30th birthday!

When TK Maxx asked if we could host a beading bar at White City Westfield during their 30th anniversary event, we just couldn't contain our excitement. Going back to the 90s, where it all began, was TK Maxx's idea as an homage to their success and a gesture of appreciation to customer loyalty over the last thirty years. 


As soon as you step into the event, a wave of nostalgia washes over you. The throwback music and unique decor instantly transport you back to 90s. The event's theme paired with Duende Lab's bracelet bar with a 90s vibe felt like a perfect match, just as one would anticipate. 


People lining up at Duende Lab's stations

People lining up at Duende Lab's stations


90s era shining

TK Maxx's 30th anniversary celebration was a lively and energetic event that brought together a diverse group of people, all sharing a love for the captivating 90s era. The energy in the air was electric, filled with excitement and happiness. 


The excitement level skyrocketed and everyone took notice as a group of celebrity look-alikes began to arrive at the gathering. One individual could have been mistaken for Kate Moss, with an iconic 90s outfit, while another person resembled Davide Beckham, captivating the crowd with their sporty attire and charming demeanour. It was a perfect blend of nostalgia and style that made the experience unforgettable. 


Our partnership with TK Maxx is just the latest example of how we love collaborating with companies and individuals that are interested in putting on creative events. If you’re ready to throw a dazzling event, let’s get in touch! 



Wearing beaded bracelet with a full display of charms selection
Beaded bracelet with a full display of charms selection

Our bracelet bar was a massive hit! We’re truly stunned and overjoyed by the incredible turnout at our station, and delighted to see everyone having fun beading their own bracelet and reminiscing about the 90s. To everyone who came out to visit us, we sincerely thank you! 


The sheer number of people who swarmed to our station, eyes bright with excitement, was far beyond our expectations. A participant mentioned, "This bracelet bar is really nostalgic for me. It reminds me of my childhood!" This sentiment captures our goals as a small brand.


Holding beaded bracelet in mirror

Participant's beaded bracelet at Duende Lab's station


It’s moments like these that remind us of how meaningful and powerful creative experiences can be. It can bring people together but it can also help a person reconnect with themselves. We’re totally blown away by some of the designs that people came up with, some even took inspiration from their favourite 90s memories. Seeing the smile on people’s faces as they make their own custom 90s-inspired bracelets was the highlight of the event, and it reinforced why we love what we do.


“ Our bracelet bar was a huge success, and I was truly touched by the enthusiasm and creativity of everyone who participated. It reminded me why I started Duende Lab in the first place – to foster creativity and bring happiness through shared, hands-on experiences.” - Christina (Founder of Duende Lab)


Looking ahead

This event serves not only as a celebration of our milestone but also as a testament to our dedication to improving mental health and promoting sustainability. It reminds us of the immense potential that creativity holds and how much it can benefit one’s well-being. 


Moving forward, we’ll continue to prioritise mental health and sustainability in all of the things we do. More activities that are particularly aimed at fostering mental wellbeing will be added to our workshop offerings. Examples of these activities include art therapy sessions, mindfulness workshops, and creative expression courses that are designed to enhance mental health. 


Together, let's continue to make a positive impact on individuals' lives and the planet through the power of art and community-building.


Check out our workshop catalogue, and come craft with us!


A thank you from our founder:

“A huge shout out to the incredible team at Duende Lab! Your hard work, creativity, and dedication made our participation in TK Maxx’s 30th anniversary event a huge success. From planning and preparation to execution, each one of you played a vital role in bringing our vision to life and creating a memorable experience for everyone involved. Thank you for your passion, teamwork, and unwavering commitment to excellence!” - Christina (Founder of Duende Lab)




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