Meeting our Duende Lovers: Our experience at the Sunday Market event

Meeting our Duende Lovers: Our experience at the Sunday Market event

We are absolutely thrilled about the incredible experience we had at the Battersea Power Station’s Sunday market on Sunday, June 4th! Being a part of it was a crucial milestone for our brand. It united our community towards a shared goal and bolstered our mission. We have some exciting updates in store for Duende Lab! Our valued customers will have the privilege of being the first to experience our innovations.

Duende Lab rings in boxes

Sunday market jewellery display on stand

But first, let us tell you a bit more about the event. The Sunday market allowed us to exhibit just a little bit of what Duende Lab offers, but enough to express our concept. The participants had the opportunity to view our exquisite jewellery showcased on a stand that perfectly complemented our unique retro-inspired aesthetic. We also debuted our custom caps, which introduced a new era of exclusive Duende Lab designs that you will see in our upcoming collection (stay tuned to await its arrival!).

Someone holding Duende Lab's cap

New custom Duende Lab caps, a hint of our new collection

We are truly amazed by the experience during the event. It fills us with immense pride to see the meaningfulness of the first steps of our brand. Moreover, it instills in us a boundless hope to build our brand as one that genuinely cares about and actively contributes to social causes. In this instance, it was about promoting inclusivity within the online community, a cause that the event's attendees either strongly supported or were eager to learn more about. These are values that we strive to foster within our Duende lovers' community.

Some of the impressions described by our team express their excitement during the event. Our head of social media, Nathalia Andrade expressed “it was great to be part of an event for such a good cause! And being able to connect with other small businesses”. One of our designers, Chenny Yoon also expressed her view “with this event we took one of our first steps… as a sustainable and small brand we solidify our presence concepts and ideas to the public slowly but constantly. Meeting our public is a monumental and meaningful experience”.

Our public also expressed their positive feedback, as they see Duende Lab as a brand that “is good at reflecting the 90s through smaller-sized accessories that are relevant to the present day, but still give off a 90s vibe”. They also showed their interests depending on their age range, reflecting how our accessories can appeal to Duende lovers with different styles and personalities. Nonetheless, our jewellery designs managed to captivate them all with their dazzling shine. 


Two customers with Duende Lab designer looking at jewellery

Our lovely customers getting to know Duende lab during the event

We are incredibly thankful for our loyal Duende supporters and the local events that have helped us as a small business thrive in line with our values and objectives. Duende Lab has some exciting news coming up, so be sure to stay tuned!

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