Welcome to Duende Lab!

Welcome to Duende Lab!

From the 90s with LOVE!

We've never been more excited to introduce you to our brand-new online store, a project our team has prepared especially for your fashionista needs! Duende Lab's website is launching on Wednesday the 7th of December with a new 90s based jewellery collection that we are sure you will love.


 "SICILY" Model from our new jewellery collection

 Each of its pieces is not only created to fulfil your good taste, but it's also delivered to your hands through the most sustainable process that we're able to give. Duende Lab is also proud of being rooted on socially responsible principles that align to your concerns and your quality expectations. So, don't wait to get your colourful pieces to match your extraordinary Christmas outfit and finalise your year in the best way possible!



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