Reimagine 90s Nostalgia: Duende Lab Shines at FEP Sustainable Fashion Event

Reimagine 90s Nostalgia: Duende Lab Shines at FEP Sustainable Fashion Event

If anything is more exciting than presenting our lab treasures to you, it is the in-person interaction with our new customers (what a motivating fuel for our project). We were fortunate to be a part of the FEP Sustainable Fashion Event, held on December 10th, 2022 at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in London, just three days after our launchThis event helped showcase sustainable brands in the fashion industry to a socially and environmentally conscious audience, which aligns perfectly with our brand's core mission.

A happy customer carrying Duende Lab bag
A happy customer with the new treats :)

Participating in this event was nothing short of amazing, especially following our recent launch and the release of our stunning sustainable 90s jewellery collection. We also took this opportunity to connect with our customers and discuss our favourite things, in addition to showcasing our Christmas collection pieces. We had the opportunity to speak about our motivations as a small team and address any doubts or questions you had, which helped us gain a better understanding of your perspective as fashion lovers!

"ASTRO" necklace displayed in our sustainable packaging

"ASTRO" necklace displayed in our sustainable packaging.

On top of that, many of you were so kind as to provide us with fantastic feedback, which really gave our brand a solid boost! Thanks to the public's love for our works, half of our collection sold out in record time, a direct result of this positive reception. With comments like "amazing design", "how bright they sparkled" and "come back for more" from satisfied consumers, we have confidence that we're on the right track with our sustainable, high-quality products.

So, why hesitate? Embark on your nostalgic journey and drop by our online shop! We have no doubt that you will also be utterly charmed by 90s jewellery collection ;)

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