Duende Lab's Approach To Sustainability

Duende Lab's Approach To Sustainability

In honour of Fashion Revolution Week, we shed light on our sustainability practices


For our eco-conscious customers, this is your call! If you were wondering, what is it that makes Duende Lab a sustainable brand, keep reading and find out the reasons why.  

Fashion revolution week was less than a month ago and reminded us of the importance of environmental and social responsibility for brands now more than ever. We have set this ideology as one of Duende Lab’s main values, as the decadence of resources and the harm against our planet are issues new brands need to tackle. Here are some of the ways we do so:

One of the key factors is the source of our materials. Using eco-friendly materials is a significant stride towards achieving sustainability, don't you think? At Duende Lab, we prioritise using sustainable materials like organic cotton for our clothes and recycled metals for our jewellery. We also make a conscious effort to avoid environmentally harmful materials such as leather and certain gemstones. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, which is eco-friendly. Additionally, we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint by participating in carbon offset programs for shipping.


Duende lab faux leather boxes in blue and purple

Duende lab’s leather imitation sustainable packaging

Additionally, we strive to reduce waste and its environmental impact by carefully considering our production process. How? You would ask. Well, this includes the conservation of energy and water, in addition to the avoidance of harmful chemicals. However, our attention is not limited to the environmental impact; we also prioritise social responsibility. We strive to create a workplace that is fair, safe, and harmonious, with a strong commitment to preventing exploitative practices and forced labour.


Duende Lab jewellery pieces hanging on trees

Illustration: Duende Lab’s eco-friendly sourcing and harmonious environment

And last but not least, Duende Lab does not only provide sustainable products from their origin but also throughout their product cycle. We aim to increase their longevity and durability by using long-lasting materials, improving their quality and preventing frequent replacements. This helps minimise waste, making our customers part of our sustainability project.

Now this is sustainability! However, we are always aiming to improve our practices by implementing new methods to contribute to the environment. How do you think Duende Lab can be more sustainable? Share your ideas through our social media and be part of the process!

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