Duende Lab: The true meaning behind our name

Duende Lab: The true meaning behind our name

We know there is one more thing you are crazy to know about us! In previous articles we have already presented you the Duende Lab essence, its objectives and values (welcome to Duende Lab!). These include our 90s style inspiration, providing charming, high-quality, and affordable accessories, and our sense of responsibility towards the environment and society. However, many of you can’t hide your curiosity towards the true inspiration behind our brand’s name, as this is an essential element to describe it. The meaning of the word “Duende” is still a mystery to our lovely customers and no wonder why! As it carries more than one meaning.


A spanish 'gnome'

Duende: illustrative image of Spanish for ‘gnome’

Our customers have linked the word ‘Duende’ to the Spanish translation of a ‘gnome’. And although the magical, mysterious, and lively characteristics of a gnome could align to our essence, this wasn’t the main meaning we took as inspiration for our brand's name.

Meaning of the word 'Duende'

Duende: artistic meaning

In fact, it is more related to the ‘artistic’ meaning behind the word, which is “a quality that attracts, captivates, and inspires, especially of an artistic performance”. To describe this better, imagine being at a museum and a piece of art makes you experience a sensation of warmth and love. That is the feeling we want to transmit through our brand! We view Duende Lab as our canvas to craft a work of art that is carefully moulded to produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. That's why our young and dedicated team is constantly conducting lab experiments to bring the unique Duende feeling to you. Are you interested in experiencing it firsthand? Then visit our shop!


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